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What are the perks?

1. Compete in our exclusive BB Fantasy League:

Use your very own Baller Bag NFT card to compete for cash prizes in the league. Winning is based on how active/engaged an individual is in our community


2. Access to the Baller Network: 

Upload sports-related content and engage in other’s content to earn XP for a higher chance of winning in the league


3. Personalized NFT card:

Unlock your custom NFT card! Your NFT acts as your membership pass to compete in the fantasy league. You may also sell your card on the secondary market for profit 

(keep in mind you will lose access to all perks without your NFT).


4. Discounts to Baller Bag basketball camps 

Gain access to high-level camps with discounts as well as earn XP from attending.


5. FREE access to personal development retreats

Exclusive invites to personal development retreats to strengthen and improve your mental health to unlock your full potential; hosted by Mindset/West Coast Elite Basketball

6. Become an affiliate!

Once you become a member, for every time you refer a friend you can earn $10!  (you will not receive $10 immediately but in two weeks of referring to prevent charge backs. More details when you sign up).

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